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Just soaping around.

I’m currently In full swing and their are so many new things happening right now. Let’s start with what I’m working on! Yesterday and today has been Pine Tar soap making and boy let me tell you it’s my least favorite of all the soaps I make. My sweet customers with certain skin conditions love it and I’m happy to help. Now that being said disclaimer this is a wash off product not anything to treat or diagnose or treat a disease and definitely not FDA evaluated. But if your curious about it look up the benefits of pine tar soap for skin. Next on my list is my Ivy soap I won’t go back through what I just explained but do your own research on jewelweed soap. I sell out every year so I’m starting early and this year it will have Calamine powder included for its soothing properties. Last but not least I have started on the espresso body bars. They are great at exfoliating skin and in the kitchen to get some of the stinky stuff off your hands. News time we are now in a booth at Coal miner’s daughter in pigeon forge tn and it’s going great. Their is another shop coming and I will post pictures when were in and tell you all about it. Have a great day and happy soaping.


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