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Updated: Jan 28, 2022

So this week has been full of great things for me. I delivered my first wholesale order to the winery not sure if I can say which one but I will ask and let you guys know. To make a long story short she loved the products the soaps the candles everything. Before we left we were talking and she ask me if I would be interested in making some 2 oz bars as a gift for her customers so of course I said yes. You all it’s 1000 bars. I totally had a come apart in the car. I was totally like what have I done omg. I’m ok now I have it figured out and broken down into manageable pieces. it’s totally doable. I’m so excited. So yesterday I had two more stores wanting wholesale accounts one all the way from California. I guess beware what you ask for but it’s all good I can do this. I really love what I do and I love to make people happy. I love being able to in some cases make products that can help people. This feels rewarding and so good. I can’t wait to see what happens next but I know you guys will be with me. I have a plan in the works for something new but I’m not quite ready to share that. Soon just not yet. Stay tuned things are going to be amazing.


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New vessels have arrived and I’m super excited so see how everyone likes them the new candles will be ready in about 2 weeks maybe a little less things are super busy right now but I will do my best.

So today started out pretty normal. I took my son Cody to school and then headed over to the shop to get a jump on my candle making. I finished my wholesale order for a certain winery not to mention a

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